Thursday, July 09, 2009

SACRILEGE: Profanation of the Eucharist in Malaysia: Undercover Muslims spit out Host

It's been a while since I've blogged. Been busy and uninspired. But I had to post this as I'm outraged and terribly offended. Living in a Muslim country which has had it's secular identity, as enshrined in the constitution by it's founding fathers, slowly eroded over the years and a strong, concerted and conscious effort in imposing Islamic culture, beliefs and teachings on us in school and in our public life, we are used to being offended and having our religion discriminated against. Body snatchings are common. Someone is claimed to have been converted to Islam and then upon death, their mortal remains are corpsenapped and taken away for Islamic funeral rites. Even First Holy Communions are not exempt as the kids huddle in Church for their first taste of the Lord as Muslim mobs surround their Church. This we know.

But this is a new level as this is sacrilege of the highest degree.

Muslim spies attended Mass, on some far fetched pretext of ferreting out Muslims who had converted to Christianity. These zealous Muslims often try to convert Christians in the universities. Converts to Islam have monetary rewards. But those who do things in the dark are often afraid of things being done to them.

So, they are afraid them Muslims have converted and are attending Mass. What a load of crock. That's a far fetched idea seeing that the hierarchy in Malaysia do not seem to act out the teaching of the Church that the Lord Jesus is the only Way to Salvation which cannot be found in any other Name as taught by the Councils of the Church including Vatican II and the magisterium of the Popes and re-emphasized in Dominus Iesus. They do not actively seek the salvation of these lost souls by seeking and praying for their conversion to the True Faith. No, our pastors are not zealous evangelizers.

Al-Islam May09
The cover picture, with rood screen, looks Anglican.

They went to the Church of St. Anthony, near the Puduraya Bus terminal. This Church is the favourite of the many Malay speaking migrant workers from Indonesia as well as Indigenous Malaysian Malay speaking Christians from Sabah and Sarawak. During the Mass, the Muslim undercover spies took Holy Communion, then spat it out and splashed photographs of it in an expose in their magazine Al-Islam.

This is serious blasphemy against the Sacred Host, the Body of Christ, the Lord Jesus Himself, Really, Truly and Substantially Present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity under the species of Bread.

Al-islam May09 (2)
The idiots put a picture of a Mormon Temple in their story. Moroni can be seen on the top spire. The Sacred Host, torn and looking spat out is featured in the article.

We need to perform Acts of Reparation for this grievous sacrilege.

In the encyclical Miserentissimus Redemptor Pope Pius XI called acts of reparation a duty for Catholics:

We are holden to the duty of reparation and expiation by a certain more valid title of justice and of love, of justice indeed, in order that the offense offered to God by our sins may be expiated

The pontiff further emphasized, "Moreover this duty of expiation is laid upon the whole race of men"

So, then, let us offer up this Act of Reparation in atonement.

Act of Reparation to the Most Blessed Sacrament

With that most profound respect
which divine Faith inspires,
O my God and Saviour Jesus Christ,
true God and true man,
I adore Thee,
and with my whole heart I love Thee,
hidden in the most august Sacrament of the Altar,
in reparation of all the irreverences,
profanations, and sacrileges, that I,
to my shame, may have until now committed,
as also for all those
that have been committed against Thee,
or that may be ever committed for the time to come.
I offer to Thee,
therefore, O my God,
my humble adoration, not indeed,
such as Thou art worthy of,
nor such as I owe Thee,
but such, at least,
as I am capable of offerings;
and I wish that I could love Thee
with the most perfect love
of which rational creatures are capable.
In the meantime,
I desire to adore Thee now and always,
not only for those Catholics
who do not adore or love Thee,
but also so supply the defect,
and for the conversion of all heretics,
schismatics, libertines,
atheists, blasphemers,
sorcerers, Mahomedans,
Jews, and idolaters.
Ah! yes, my Jesus,
mayest Thou be known,
adored, and loved by all
and may thanks be continually given to Thee
in the most holy and august Sacrament!

For those who do not speak Malay, I'll endeavour to translate the article in the coming days.

Police reports were lodged. I've no confidence in the police force that anything will come of this.


8th July 2009

Muslim Men Spying in Catholic Churches

We are deeply concerned that two Muslim men acting on false information that the Catholic Church was converting Muslims into Christians had recently entered a Catholic Church service for the purpose of gathering information as to whether this was occurring. They were also investigating whether the word 'Allah' was being used in church services. These men participated in the church service and even took part in the rituals that are strictly for Catholics and in doing so violated the sanctity of what Catholics hold very sacred. These men later wrote about their experience in an article entitled "Tinjaun Al Islam Dalam Gereja:Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Murtad" which was published in the May 2009 issue or the Al Islam magazine.

The men had consumed the 'communion' which is a white wafer which is blessed by the Priest in a Catholic ritual that dates back 2000 years. Via this ritual the 'white wafer' is supernaturally transformed into what Catholics believe to be Jesus Christ and when consumed allows Catholics to experience life after death. The 'communion' is held with great reverence and cannot in any way be mishandled or with a lack of respect. Even Catholics are not allowed to take home the 'communion' but are instructed to consume it immediately during the service. Catholics go through an elaborate process of preparing themselves to receive this 'communion' worthily and those who have not done so are advised to refrain from receiving it.

As such we are outraged that these Muslim men consumed it only to spit it out later, have it photographed and have its image published in the Al-Islam magazine. The total disrespect shown to what Catholics hold in closest to their hearts and believe to be most Holy strikes deep into our hearts and invokes much anger. While we are resolved not to allow anger to guide our actions and instead pray that these ignorant will be forgiven by the Allah, we want to know what has become of this most holy 'communion' and demand its immediate return to the church authorities.

We are further outraged that these Muslim men have violated our sense of privacy to freely worship. Would these men tolerate non-Muslims entering the mosque and violating the sanctity and holiness of their worship? We believe that all places of worship and the form of worship practiced in these places must be respected with the greatest sensitivity and reverence be they the church, mosque, temple or gurdwaras. Entering these premises with the intention to spy and worse to violate the sanctity of the worship only serves to incite anger and hatred that could lead to potentially dangerous consequences that would tear this country apart.

As such, as concerned Catholics, we have made a police report at the Patani Road Police station on 8th July 2009 and thereafter held a press conference at the same place. We requested that the police investigate this matter with great urgency and bring to books those responsible for acting to incite hate and resentment among the Catholic Community. We also call on the police to investigate both the Al-Islam magazine and the writers of the article.

What you can do:
  • Pray (but don't just stop there...)
  • Make a police report in your individual capacity as a concerned Catholic.
  • Write to the press
  • Express your disatisfaction to the publisher by calling (03 -89262999), faxing (03-89243918), emailing ( them. You can also sms. Type ALISLAMyour messageyour name and send to 33995 or 019 3051587


Fr. Michael Mary said...

God bless you Andrew for standing up for Our Lord before the unbelieving, dangerous people in your country.

Keep up your blogging since you give the rest of the Church something to think about and we can unite with you and support you by our poor prayers. Please remember us in your prayers.

Blessed be God.
Blessed be His Holy Name.
Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man.
Blessed be the Name of Jesus.
Blessed by His most Sacred Heart.
Blessed be His Most Precious Blood.
Blessed be the Holy Ghost, the Paraclete.
Blessed be the Great Mother of God, Mary most holy.
Blessed be Her Holy and Immaculate Conception.
Blessed be Her glorious Assumption.
Blessed be the Name of Mary, Virgin and Mother.
Blessed be St. Joseph, Her most chaste spouse.
Blessed be God in His angels and in his saints.

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, who do not hope and do not love Thee.

Most Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly and I offer Thee the Most Holy Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for all the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is so much offended.And through the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners.

Most Blessed Trinity I adore Thee!
My God, my God! I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

Anonymous said...

This is why the Roman Catholic Church should not engage in ecumenical dialog with Protestants, nor in inter-religious dialog with non-Christians.

It is well and good to be respectful of other religions, but that's all. No endless dialog, no accomodation, and no discarding our own traditions and belief to appease others (especially Protestants and Jews). Unfortunatly the Vatican especially under John Paul II is guilty of all of the above.
And unfortunatly, most of the Bishops of the world copied his actions.
We have to wait a generation or so before this weak and totally wrong attitude of inter-religious dialog, ecumenism etc. passes away.

Many young Catholics have the fire of Faith and love for Catholic traditon that the present generation of Catholics in positions of authority (Cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns etc.) have lost.

I would not be surprised that by the time we get a Pope who is from this generation-perhaps in 20 years- all this accomodation to other religions, the ecumenism and dialog, and indeed much of what Vatican II stood for, will be strongly repudiated in favor of a return to traditionalist Catholicism, including the Tridentine Latin Mass.

war in the pocket said...

Eternal Father I offer thee the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, of your dearly beloved son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

Joshua said...

I'm surprised you seem to be the only one highlighting this despicable act.Either this is being hushed up or Catholics simply don'tknow what is sacred anymore.

Blessed be Jesus in the most Holy SAcrament!

Anonymous said...

Fruits of Vatican II - we bend backwards to everyone so that they can kick us hard?

Suzanne said...

I am so sad and all but sickened to hear of this. I prayed the prayer that you is all I knew to do at the moment. We must be aware..very very aware. Suzanne

Jeff said...

Can you tell me if in fact, when Mass is said in Malay, God is invoked as "Allah"?

Anonymous said...

Islam has nothing to do with God. It is a religion invented by a 7th c. Arab merchant so that he could unite and rule while murdering his enemies and raping their wives and daughters.
All the so called scientific and technological advances of islam were pillage from the ancients and improved upon by forcibly converted Christians. Notice that once the rot of Islam completely overtakes an entire nation, there are no more advances only barbarism and blind fanaticism.
The recent Popes call for dialogue with Islam, because Islam has no truth to stand on. If a Muslim of good will seriously investigates the truth he will renounce his murderous creed. However, no Muslim nation will ever allow true dialogue. And if Muslims in power see Muslims interested in learning the truth, they resort to violence and shock tactics to instill fear and force compliance.

Volpius Leonius said...

This is yet another reason why we need to bring back the military orders.

Anonymous said...

so far our Bishops has been quiet ...scared I don't know

But for sure I like the Tan Sri tile too

Anonymous said...

Al Islam duo under investigation

KUALA LUMPUR: The two Al Islam reporters who published an article in their magazine after allegedly entering a church here could be jailed for up to five years if found guilty of causing disharmony.

The two went “undercover” by posing as Christians to infiltrate a church they claimed was converting Muslims into Christians.

Two police reports have been lodged. One of the complainants, Joachim Francis Xavier, 33, who lodged a report at the Patani Road police station, said entering the premises with the intention to spy had angered many Catholics in the country.

“The writers had admitted in an article published in the May issue that the allegation turned out to be untrue, but we are deeply concerned that they had violated our sense of privacy to worship freely,” he said.

It is learnt police have classified the case under Section 298A (1) of the Penal Code for causing disharmony, disunity or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill will, or prejudicing harmony or unity on religious grounds.

If convicted the duo could be jailed from between two years and five years.

Federal Criminal Investigations Department director Commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said police have so far recorded statements from at least four people in connection with the article published in May.

It is learnt that statements were recorded from church authorities as well as the complainants themselves.

Police are expected to haul up the reporters for questioning soon.

DonAaron said...

I wonder should we Catholics also go into mosques and spy on apostate Catholics... Sad thing, ya

Anna Elissa said...

Hello, Andrew. Greetings from Indonesia. Berita ini menjadi buah bibir di kalangan Katolik Indonesia, terutama di forum2. Saya ikut kecewa dan marah. Semoga Tuhan mengampuni orang itu. Keep strong in the faith, brother.

Pax Christi.

Andrew said...

Dear Fr. Michael Mary and all those who were kind enough to comment. Thank you for your prayers and your solidarity.

Dear Jeff,
Parts of the Mass, when said in Malay, do use the word Allah for God. One such use that comes to mind is the Sanctus where Dominus Deus sabaoth is translated as Tuhan Allah segala kuasa.

Dear Anna,

Terima kasih kerana meninggalkan komen. Saya telah melawat blog saudari tetapi tidak dapat meninggalkan komen kerana fungsi tersebut nampaknya tidak bisa diguna. Do come back and visit.


Sigh, do we even have the manpower to spy on so many? =)

DonAaron said...

Just a LOL... NE wayz why should we do that, we ain't them

anthony said...

What's the article about? And why commit the sacrilege? To prove that the Host is merely bread?

Timmy said...

Someone posted "This is why the Roman Catholic Church should not engage in ecumenical dialog with Protestants, nor in inter-religious dialog with non-Christians."

The problem is not Protestants for crying out loud, or any other religion except for Islam. ALL non-Muslim religions along with atheists MUST join together and confront the brutal intolerance of the religion of Islam once and for all. Western democracies must prohibit the spread of Islam or face destruction of freedoms. The utter absurdity of complaining about Protestants in the context of the disgrace described in this article is just astounding. It may be that the commenter is so cowed by political correctness that even with the daily atrocities that Islam commits the commenter is still incapable of "judging" Islam and stating clearly that it is the problem, not Protestants.

Andrew said...

Hi Anthony.

The Muslim reporters claim that their undercover operation was to find out whether there were any Muslims who had secretly converted to Christianity. So, while undercover, they did everything that the Christians around them did, including receiving Holy Communion. I'm not sure at what point they spat it out and whether anyone around them noticed and what they did about it. The Sacrilege was probably unwittingly committed out of ignorance but the fact that they entered a Church under false pretenses and with the intent to spy caused such profanation because they did not bother to learn about or respect Christian beliefs and teachings.

Volpius Leonius said...

"The Sacrilege was probably unwittingly committed out of ignorance"

On the contrary the natural thing to do once the host is in the mouth is to swallow it not spit it out.

Muslims are very well informed about Catholic "idolatry" due to the condemnations of their clerics against us.

Anonymous said...

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