Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I was looking at the Clustrmap on this blog and was fascinated by where the visitors originate from. The stats are pretty nifty and there's people from all over the world. Interesting indeed.

There's even 4 visits from computers registered in the Holy See! I really hope inquisitors from the Holy Office don't come knocking on my door.

Are you in the list?

United States (US)14,709
Malaysia (MY)2,059
United Kingdom (GB)1,723
Philippines (PH)1,647
Canada (CA)1,450
Australia (AU)999
India (IN)829
Italy (IT)629
Singapore (SG)585
Germany (DE)518
Ireland (IE)446
Brazil (BR)443
France (FR)433
Poland (PL)381
Thailand (TH)341
Netherlands (NL)309
Spain (ES)275
Portugal (PT)275
Indonesia (ID)255
Mexico (MX)214
Taiwan (TW)204
Romania (RO)181
Belgium (BE)179
Hungary (HU)176
Greece (GR)155
Croatia (HR)155
South Africa (ZA)147
Slovakia (SK)140
Sweden (SE)133
Switzerland (CH)127
Hong Kong (HK)121
Czech Republic (CZ)118
Turkey (TR)117
New Zealand (NZ)116
United Arab Emirates (AE)115
Japan (JP)105
Argentina (AR)104
Austria (AT)104
Malta (MT)103
Korea, Republic of (KR)102
Vietnam (VN)102
Russian Federation (RU)90
Norway (NO)80
Asia/Pacific Region (AP)79
Serbia (RS)76
Denmark (DK)74
Colombia (CO)73
Sri Lanka (LK)72
Egypt (EG)70
Israel (IL)66
Pakistan (PK)65
Bulgaria (BG)63
Ukraine (UA)59
Nigeria (NG)56
Chile (CL)53
Finland (FI)52
Lithuania (LT)49
Slovenia (SI)46
Jamaica (JM)45
Qatar (QA)42
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)38
Saudi Arabia (SA)38
Lebanon (LB)34
Georgia (GE)33
Puerto Rico (PR)31
Albania (AL)30
Kuwait (KW)29
Venezuela (VE)29
Brunei Darussalam (BN)28
Kenya (KE)27
Latvia (LV)27
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)27
Peru (PE)25
Iceland (IS)25
Cote D'Ivoire (CI)21
Guatemala (GT)21
Macedonia (MK)20
Ecuador (EC)20
Ghana (GH)16
Panama (PA)15
Estonia (EE)14
Moldova, Republic of (MD)13
Cyprus (CY)13
Costa Rica (CR)13
Guam (GU)13
Uganda (UG)12
Luxembourg (LU)12
Jordan (JO)10
Bangladesh (BD)9
Oman (OM)9
El Salvador (SV)9
Sudan (SD)8
Grenada (GD)8
Palestinian Territory (PS)8
Azerbaijan (AZ)8
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR)8
Paraguay (PY)8
Bahamas (BS)8
Uruguay (UY)7
Morocco (MA)7
Mauritius (MU)7
Bahrain (BH)7
Dominican Republic (DO)7
Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ)6
Syrian Arab Republic (SY)6
Macau (MO)6
Dominica (DM)6
Mongolia (MN)6
Zimbabwe (ZW)6
Fiji (FJ)6
Belarus (BY)6
Holy See (Vatican City State) (VA)4
Honduras (HN)4
Algeria (DZ)4
Saint Lucia (LC)4
Tunisia (TN)4
Iraq (IQ)4
Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI)4
China (CN)4
Maldives (MV)4
Montenegro (ME)4
Armenia (AM)4
Netherlands Antilles (AN)3
Jersey (JE)3
Zambia (ZM)3
Bolivia (BO)3
Aruba (AW)3
Nicaragua (NI)3
Belize (BZ)3
Haiti (HT)3
Nepal (NP)3
Barbados (BB)3
Malawi (MW)2
Liechtenstein (LI)2
Afghanistan (AF)2
Bermuda (BM)2
Cayman Islands (KY)2
Reunion (RE)2
Seychelles (SC)2
Faroe Islands (FO)2
Samoa (WS)2
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LY)2
Gibraltar (GI)2
Lao People's Democratic Republic (LA)2
Micronesia, Federated States of (FM)2
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VC)2
Cambodia (KH)2
Madagascar (MG)1
Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN)1
Isle of Man (IM)1
Yemen (YE)1
Burkina Faso (BF)1
Greenland (GL)1
Mozambique (MZ)1
Namibia (NA)1
Vanuatu (VU)1
Virgin Islands, British (VG)1
Guadeloupe (GP)1
Timor-Leste (TL)1
Solomon Islands (SB)1
Togo (TG)1
Northern Mariana Islands (MP)1
Rwanda (RW)1
Cameroon (CM)1
Uzbekistan (UZ)1
Kazakstan (KZ)1
American Samoa (AS)1
French Guiana (GF)1
Guernsey (GG)1
Guinea (GN)1
Ethiopia (ET)1
Antigua and Barbuda (AG)1

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Ttony said...

The figures suggest that there are a lot of people in South and South East Asia (as well as in the US and the UK) who really appreciate a blogger whose voice is both orthodox and authentic (Hint: you should blog more often!)