Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Duty, honour, service

Some thoughts I'd like to share. I posted this comment on a Facebook thread and I think it sums my thoughts up pretty well.

There are so many problems and they are all tied together. What do I see as the thread linking all these social issues? I think it's the hedonism and self centeredness which now permeates most of the Western and developed countries. Watching the celebrations of HM Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, I noticed that it was themed on duty, honour and service. 
I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. - Princess Elizabeth, Speech on her 21st birthday in South Africa

Now these themes are not alien to Asian and Confucian culture and was an intrinsic part of many western nations as well. It's embodied in the ideals of the Catholic priesthood and the military services such as the Marines and the SAS. It was seen as an ideal, a good to be strived for.

Starting from the 60s and that decadent generation of addle brained drug users, culture changed and the public good, the good of others began to be eclipsed by 'what's in it for me'. JFK's memorable quote of 'ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country' seemed to be the ethos of another time. 

Let's look at the impact of this hedonism. First of all, many many developed countries are committing IMHO, cultural suicide. The low birth rates stem from the seeking of self pleasure, a contraceptive mentality and also a desire not to be tied down by children so that one can enjoy one's own resources and spend it on one's own pleasure alone. The contraceptive mentality is one where pleasure has not responsibility. In our own day, abortion is now used as a form of contraception and of social engineering. It's the poor, the black babies and the Hispanics that are most aborted in the US. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was a eugenicist and her legacy remains to this day.The leaky rubber abortions are the result of the myth of the full proof effectiveness of barrier contraceptives.No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. 

The result? Migrants from Africa and the Middle East will populate these desolate and declining lands. Singapore, on our doorstep, has seen an influx of immigrants from the Mainland because of the stupid one child policy. And now, efforts to undo it's effects are not very effective because of the hedonistic culture there.

It's the same with euthanasia. How long before those elderly and sick are gently encouraged to euthanize themselves or are declared by their doctors, starved of resources, as candidates for euthanasia? Abortion is now used to cull humanity of various genetic diseases such as Down's Syndrome or even such things as a cleft palate. We want designer babies. Sigh.

What of morality, in this new culture of 'me first'. We don't let people do as they wish because people are inherently stupid. Look at our country. We voted the BN to power for 50 plus years and so did the Sarawakians and Sabahans. 

Abortion is a great evil. An evil that denies the fundamental right to life from which all other rights flow. But, it's an evil manifestation, a symptom of a greater disease that mars all humanity, that of hedonism. 

John said these words "I don't know why some people don't want their baby. Perhaps it's not because of financial problem. Let's say, they really don't want any baby, they could just give to adoption. But 'the bond' between mother and father and the child still exist, perhaps they don't want that. What for the mother doesn't want a baby and hates pregnancy? Let's think, do people have sex just because they want a baby, a heir? Of course not right? Sometimes, accident might happen. So, let's they make their decision and problem solved."

If those words are not the epitome of hedonism and self centeredness, then I don't know what is. Read them closely. Let the words sink in. The sad part is that most of our society thinks that way. It's a step from there to children euthanizing their parents, governments euthanizing their patients in hospitals, babies in orphanages. Think about it, look at the logical flow of the argument. Why should tax payers support those patients, the mentally challenged, the mentally ill, the old, the sick? It's a drain on our limited financial resources. Why should we pay for the 'mistakes' of others? Let's make a decision. Problem solved. They won't be missed.

It's the logical conclusion of a materialist view of the universe where humans are nothing special, just slightly more evolved animals. No biggie.