Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lent update

We're entering the fourth week of Lent. Many of you have made Lenten resolutions, I'm sure. Some have promised to give up something or to do something special this Lent. Perhaps some of you have, as I have, fallen in carrying out our Lenten resolutions. If you have, then do not fret, pick yourself up and give it another go.

In this Sunday's Gospel, one of Jesus' most famous parables is read, the parable of the Prodigal Son which reveals to us the tender, forgiving heart of God our Father. Like the younger son, if we have fallen, we should not despair but turn towards the Father. The Father will run towards us and extend the hand of forgiveness if we but take the first step and turn towards Him.


Anyway, some time ago, I reported that the Stations of the Cross was very well attended. Here's some photos I took of the Stations last Friday. The lower transcepts and the gallery at the back of the Church were filled as well. It was very heartening to see the people so devoted to praying and walking the Way with Jesus and staying on for the Mass. There were people kneeling at the back of the Church and at the doors because of the lack of space.


With all the talk of the loss of a sense of sin amongst the people (which is certainly true if you look at the frequency of Confession), Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are 2 of the most well attended Masses of the year. Especially Good Friday. The Penitential service, where priests of the district make themselves present to hear Confessions in each of the Churches in the district, is well attended as well. It's heartening to see lines of people waiting to be shriven by the priests.

Some of course, are more popular then other, especially those with long-term memory loss of are hard of hearing =) the Bishop is one of the least popular confessors because of the lengthy advice he gives and the penance that he imposes. Haha...

I'll be tied up tomorrow when the altar servers (who are taking over this responsibility from the Youth) will be organizing the annual Breakfast for the Elderly. More pics and the report to come.

May the remainder of your Lent be blessed.

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