Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Via Crucis - The Church in China

This is a short fim about the consequences of being a priest in China. It is fictional, but the events it depicts are certainly real and intimidation, beatings, imprisonment, torture and even death are part of the life of an underground priest in China.

For those of you who enjoy the freedom to attend Holy Mass, thank God for that grace and make use of that freedom to pray for those less fortunate than you, especially those in countries where the Church is persecuted, such as China and Saudi Arabia. For Christians in these places, like those in pagan Rome of old those behind the Iron Curtain, attending Church and partaking of the Eucharist often means death. But like the early Christians, they too loudly proclaim that they can't live without the Mass and would risk life and limb to be spiritually fed. Might we, which have this freedom, make use of it more.

H/T to Fr. Ray.

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