Friday, November 16, 2007


Astute and observant readers may have noticed that the Clustrmap on my sidebar which shows the locations of the visitors to this blog has changed from the big red splotch below:

To this rather sanitized version.

Apparently, the map was updated and archived and this happens yearly. I really need to read the fine print =)

The old map showed me where my visitors came from and I was very pleased to note the diverse origins of my blog readers who came from almost every continent (except the Arctic and Antarctic regions.... do they even have the internet there?). Aside from readers fromthe United Kingdom and America, over the past year, I've had many European readers as well as a smattering of visitors from South America and Africa.

Yup, each and every one of those dots is a reader... I'm humbled and amazed.

To all those who had visited and have made your mark as it were, pardon the pun, thank you so much! But as you can see, the new map is rather sparsely dotted so let's light up this baby again this year =)

And while you're at it, do remember to vote =)

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Byzantine, TX said...

I read this blog via RSS. Wonder if it tracks that. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Andrew what's happened to the Mount Carmel bloggers blog?

Anonymous said...

"each and every one of those dots is a reader"

Really? I thought larger dots were multiple readers? So each and every one of those dots (larger than the smallest one) would be at least 10 readers, I think? That's pretty good going, Andrew! Well done!

Anonymous said...

This is really a good blog. Another supplement of faith for me and a place for me to kill my free time. Keep it up! By the way I happened to be in St Anne's Church last October.

Regards, daniel

Andrew said...

Josephus, I'm not sure, but I guess it tracks whenever the image or map is loaded, so if you can see the map, I think you've been tracked. I don't you don't miss getting your dot!! =)

Mrs Parkes, I haven't the foggiest... =) I just haven't had anything liturgical to post in a while, but it seems the list of contributors is now quite large.

Mr. Smith, you're right, but I did not want to explain the extremely complicated, super duper difficult concept of size of dots = number of persons... hey wait... I just did =) Haha... u got me there. Having said that, I hope more people visit so that they can get their very own dot... At Unam Sanctam, every dot counts.

Hey Daniel, thanks for droppin by. I'm glad you enjoy it.