Friday, December 21, 2007

Schola Cantorum just want to have fun

In case you thought that the traddy schola cantorum folks are all sticks in the mud, you're clearly wrong. We know how to have fun too.


Last week, the gang went on a trip to the Penang Fest (Pesta Pulau Pinang). The pesta is a month long fair in December, which is the school holidays here, that is most closely described as a huge circus/souk/market/fair/circus/food court/international trade exhibition/sheer madness/freakshow/gathering of loons.


The day we went, which happened to be after Mass on a weekend, the roads were jammed and the car parks were packed as thousands descended on the site.


So many things were going on simultaneously it was a riot of sounds and sights.


There were rock concerts and kids concerts and boxing matches and Thai kickboxing fights all taking place at different arenas. There were exhibits on medieval torture instruments and some kung fu demonstrations as well.


You could also buy almost anything, from houses to cars to food to furniture. Huge food courts catered to the tens of thousands who thronged the site. You could get a horse ride or visit the Indonesian or Thai pavilions (which are actual full scale replicas of the houses in their respective architectural styles.



But one of the main attractions has to be the rides. From ferris wheels to roller coasters, bumper cars and death defying, stomach churning insurance nightmares.


The gang chickened out in the end as I had to rush to be somewhere and without my, err, persuasive talents, common sense prevailed, I guess.



Kinda scary, above and terrifyingly scary, below.



Until next year!


John said...

And you used to have such lovely photos of churches...
Glad to see you're having such a good time!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures...