Friday, February 01, 2008

Missa Benedictus Qui Venit

It would be good for those going to learn it. It's called Missa Benedictus Qui Venit, in Latin, meaning Blessed is He Who Comes. By the way, Benedictus is the Latin rendition of Pope Benedict's name.

The recording includes:

The Kyrie (in Greek). 01 Kyrie.wma

The Gloria (in Latin and English) 02 Gloria.wma

The Sanctus (in Latin and English. The intro is a bit creepy, like a giant tumbling down a hill.) 04 Sanctus.wma

The Gospel Acclamation (Christ has died etc.) 05 Acclamation.wma

The Great Amen 06 Great Amen.wma

and the Agnus Dei (in Latin and English). 07 Agnus Dei.wma

The Mass setting is mixture of Latin, as befits a universal gathering of youth and English, the language of the host nation where most of the attendees will come from. Most non-English speaking youth will be able to sing the Mass in Latin. But somehow the English speakers only seem to know English. Strange.

The accompaniment is by organ, the pre-eminent musical instrument used in the Catholic liturgy as mentioned by Vatican II.

Anyway, the booklets, music and .wma (audio file sung by St Ignatius College, Riverview and Loreto Kirribilli with organist Christine Moriarty and conductor Noel Debien.) files can be downloaded from the links below.

WYD08 Mass Parish Setting - Guitar

Download -
Parish Setting for Web_Guitar.pdf 1.49 MB

WYD08 Mass Parish Setting - Keyboard

Download -
Parish Setting for Web_Keyboard.pdf 1.49 MB

WYD08 Mass Congregational Booklet

Download -
Congregational Booklet.pdf 1.49 MB

Music: Acclamation A Congregation

Download -
Acclamation_A_Congregation.jpg 383.92 kB

Music: Agnus Dei Congregation

Download -
Agnus_Dei_Congregation.jpg 1.06 MB

Music: Gloria Congregation

Download -
Gloria_Congregation.jpg 421.24 kB

Music: Great Amen Congregation

Download -
Great_Amen_Congregation.jpg 224.94 kB

Music: Kyrie Congregation

Download -
Kyrie_Congregation.jpg 360.06 kB

Music: Sanctus Congregation

Download -
Sanctus_Congregation.jpg 1.18 MB

Audio file: Kyrie Congregation

Download -
01 Kyrie.wma 1.20 MB

Audio file: Gloria Congregation

Download -
02 Gloria.wma 3.47 MB

Audio file: Sanctus Congregation

Download -
04 Sanctus.wma 1.63 MB

Audio file: Acclamation A Congregation

Download -
05 Acclamation.wma 901.68 kB

Audio File: Great Amen Congregation

Download -
06 Great Amen.wma 662.40 kB

Audio file: Agnes Dei Congregation

Download -
07 Agnus Dei.wma 2.42 MB

Or go to the website for more details.


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