Monday, April 28, 2008

Duc in altum

Put out into the deep. Luke 5:4. That was my first impression upon seeing this photo.

And it also brought back a memory. Our ex-parish priest had Duc in Altum as as his presbyteral motto. So, to publicise the 25th anniversary of his ordination, a huge banner was put in front of the Church highlighting the words Duc in Altum and giving the time and place of the celebration dinner after the Mass. Many came. But throughout the course of the dinner, the attendees asked the same question, when would the publicised main course be served?

Perplexed, Fr. asked them what they were talking about? Why, they answered, Duck in Autumn. Wasn't that a kind of Chinese duck dish that was supposed to be the main course? LOL!


Archistrategos said...

LOL! Loved it

Vidimusdominum said...

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