Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Librarything

Librarything is a nifty new site that allows you to list the books you have in your library and see other people who have listed the same books. I found it on Si Fractus Fortis' blog. You can also write book reviews and see what others think of the books you like.

Signing up is real easy. But a free account allows you to list only 200 books, so that's all I listed.

People in Penang, if you want to borrow any of my books or want to lend me some you think are great or books that might interest me, contact me ok?

The 200 books from my library can be found here. Here's a random sample of 25 books.

Some books from my library

It's been permanently linked on the sidebar too.

So what do you think? Cool, no?

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