Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What I learned during the Solemnity of All Saints

God's love is bigger than everything because God is bigger than everything.

Therefore we will all go to Heaven (apparently regardless of whether we want to or not by sinning against God and using our free will to make a choice of refusing His mercy and grace). How does this view accommodate original sin? Easy, as the many priests here have taught for so long. Since Adam and Eve are not real people, original sin must not be real as well and since there's no original sin, everyone can go to Heaven. Why did Jesus have to come? I don't know, but He does love us and all will be fuzzy wuzzy and all right in the end. Alleuia. Amen.

We are, at this moment, regardless of whether we are in a state of grace or not, all Saints so this is our Feast day.

All who have died are in Heaven. (I wonder if the priests will be surprised when no one offers funeral Masses and Masses for the dead in the future, since there's no purgatory.)

And, oh yeah. There's no purgatory because the Church abolished (!) it.
The damage a homily like this does to the kids, God only can know. As if we don't already have no regard for sin and are so confident of Heaven. How much work this undoes, all of the training we give them on the consequences of sin and the need for repentance and contrition, all undone in a few minutes. It leaves behind a huge trail on antinomians who are free to do what they like as they are assured of Heaven.

There's an upside though. Many smelled the bullshit and many instinctive felt that this 'too-good-to-be-true' proclamation was just that. There's still hope.


Anonymous said...

sad when the lay people now has to teach the priests about the Catholic faith ....

Mike T said...

Very sorry to hear that this sort of theological rubbish is spreading its way around the world.