Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dog found with its forearm tied with bicycle brake cable

Once again, the cruelty of humans never ceases to amaze me. What could these people possibly hope to prove or achieve by pulling a stunt like this? Did their parents teach them nothing of compassion and love? Why to these people prey on the harmless and weak? Sigh... These things make me very angry and bad thoughts are popping into my head.

BARELY two months after Joy the little black dog was rescued from the jaws of death, another case of animal cruelty has surfaced.

This time involving a one-year-old mongrel named Hoppy which was rescued by a kind soul in Puncak Jalil recently.

Hoppy: Was found cringing in pain with a bicycle brake cable tied so tightly around its forearm that it cut through the bone.
Florence Chan found the mongrel with its forearm dangling like a broken twig.

Hoppy was found cringing in pain with a bicycle brake cable tied so tightly around its forearm that it cut through the bone.

“My neighbours children alerted me about the dog and when I went to see for myself I was shocked at the condition the poor dog,'' said Chan.

“I rushed him to a vet's clinic in Subang Jaya and he is recuperating from the ordeal,'' she said.

Dr Vijay who is treating Hoppy said the way the cable was tied around the dog's forearm shows malicious intent.

“It was tied so tight that it practically cut through the bone and caused a 3cm wound that was infected maggot-filled. This was probably someone's idea of a cruel joke.

“The whole forearm was swollen and the tissues around it dead. In fact, we were not sure if the legs could be saved but so far he seems to be responding well to treatment, hence amputation may not be necessary,'' he said.

“The sad part is that he is terrified of humans. He cringes and whimpers when anyone comes near him and retreats to the furthest corner of the cage,'' said Chan.

“I am not sure what to do with him once he fully recovers as I have already adopted three dogs,'' she said, adding that she hoped someone could come forward to adopt Hoppy.

“Hoppy needs sponsors to help pay for the medical expenses and a donor to sponsor him for his lifetime at the Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary.

“But more importantly he needs to be loved and taught to trust humans again,'' added Chan.

For details, call 016-395 3992 (Chan)


The Hymn Selector said...

I have 3 dogs myself and I was absolutely horrified when I saw this report in The Star today.

Andrew said...

I have a Golden Retriever at home. He's just so mild and trusting. I really just can't understand the depravity of these people. It makes me sick.