Friday, February 02, 2007

Five Random Things Meme

Master Joee Blogs has tagged me to list down 5 completely random things about myself. I’m assuming that these are facts that are not self evident, so I’m not going tell you how much liturgical abuse peeves me off =)

Anyway, here it goes.

1) I have an honours degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering and am currently a professional engineer in a multinational US company.

2) I have 5 altars/oratories/prayer spaces in my house, a 4 foot crucifix in my room, 3 statues of Our Lady scattered all over, 2 dozen crucifixes(which I alternate and wear to the office every day) and 1 dozen rosaries, black, shaken, not stirred. [And no, I do not live in a mansion, I live in a single storey 2 room terrace house, with me Gran, thank you very much.)

3) I am a great football (read soccer for you US folks) fan and I support Man Utd. Glory, glory Man United...

4) I don’t own any jeans, I always wear black slacks (that’s trousers for you Britishers) when the occasion warrants wearing long pants.

5) I don’t eat seafood. This is pretty tough to do if you live on an island and where people use seafood in every dish.

I would like to tag Mark the Altar Server of Deus Caritas Est who’s very irenic, Mark the Med Student in Ireland, who does not update his blog regularly and who’s currently in Rome, Paul of Deo Juvante, who’s very Trad, Mr. Smith from the Church Militant =), and Matt Doyle of Lacrimarum-Valle, who's just become a dad.


Mr. Smith has completed his.

Paul of Deo Juvante has completed his.

Mark of Deus Caritas Est has completed his.


Anonymous said...

Oh nice! A tagging! Thanks Andrew, much appreciated.

You've set off a train of thought about the Church Militant, too. Hmmn....

Ttony said...

We went to Mass one Sunday and the organist, who was away, had arranged for a (very holy) guitar player to accompany singing. He had only got three chords and only dared accompany four hymns he trusted himself with. The last hymn was the Battle Hymn of the Republic. My children, then aged nine and six had never heard this hymn, but it was only a couple of weeks after the famous treble victory of 1999. Guess what they sang for the chorus! And the Reds didn't just go marching on: they went marching On! On! On! (My wife, who isn't Catholic but who always comes to Mass, was embarassed: I wasn't.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew!

Just a little message to say I love your blog and all that you stand for so bravely and so does my hubby and even more now I know you are a Red!! I remember once when I was a child and my mother and I vowed to pray the Rosary on the way to school if we beat Rapid Vienna in the European Cup quarterfinals. And they did and we did! That was even though the match had already taken place and we were about to watch the highlights, without knowing the result.... As my mother said, God exists outside normal time. This was 1969, way before your time.... (and there were many more similar occasions).
Now please pray that we get to keep Ronaldo.....Greetings from a Brit living in the United States (thank goodness for Fox Soccernet!) God Bless and keep up the good work!

™Ŵί£ЃЇάЩ said...

i'll do the thing wheni get back to dublin... i am reaching on thursday night and on friday morning have to leave for cork for the intervarsities ping pong tournament. wont be back till sunday and then monday is the start of the new term. btw, the vatican flaghs sold are pretty7 small... like the type when the agong drives by so i didnt get them for you... but if you wish to have it, i will get my friends who will be there next week to get it for you... mark

Andrew said...

Mr Smith, you're most welcome and do know that I'm using ecclesia militans in its most Catholic and in our case, most appropriate sense. =)

Ttony, thanks so much for dropping by. The Red's marching On!On!On! indeed =)I can just imagine the pastor's reaction, especially if he's a Barca fan. LOL!

Alenka, thanks for dropping by too, and for sharing your experiences. I always knew in my heart that the Red's do bring people closer to God and His Blessed Mother =)
Although last season, I couldn't help but think that perhaps Mother Mary is a Blue at heart? Hehe.
AS for Ronaldo, he's Catholic, I'm sure he'll do the right thing.

Mark, how in the world are you accessing the net in Rome? Did you bring the Mac along? Do let me know if you win the ping pong thing, then I'll drop by and challenge you for the trophy.

Do get me a flag anyway. I'd prefer the larger one, the kind large enough to wrap around my coffin, but if a small one is the only available one, then...

Anonymous said...

"do know that I'm using ecclesia militans in its most Catholic and in our case, most appropriate sense"

Have pity on an Anglican escapee and explain that one, would you please?

Andrew said...

The Church Militant comprises those Christians who are living and who are still striving and fighting the good fight on earth. Through Christ we are united, though we are separated physically by space. Through Christ, we are also able to support each other in prayer.

This is the Catholic sense that applies to us =)

Of course, we are also united through Christ with the Church Triumphant in Heaven and the Church Suffering in Purgatory. As St. Paul teaches in Romans 8, nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, not even death. And in Corinthians 12, he elucidates the doctrine of the One Body, that when one suffers all suffer, when one is honoured, all are honoured because we are one Body in Christ and individually part of it in the Communion of Saints.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I thought you might mean that. Thanks for clearing it up.

Church Militant. On the march!