Friday, July 13, 2007

Teaching old dogs new tricks

Remember a couple of posts back when I asked you guys what you thought was going on? Well, most of you were very close. I guess the last photo with Mark sticking his tongue out sorta gave it away.


It was decided that the confirmands would receive Holy Communion under both species, by intinction. What happened was, at the rehearsal prior to the confirmation Mass, I asked them to practice sticking out their tongues to receive. In our parish, the universal norm of receiving on the tongue has long since been phased out by the disobedience-gained indult of receiving in the hands. So most of them would not know how to receive it on the tongue.


The little practice exercise scared me and frightened of any possible sacrilege occurring, I asked Fr. Mark whether we can practice using unconsecrated hosts and he kindly gave his permission. So, after the practice session, my fears were allayed somewhat and on the actual day, under the steady hands of His Lordship the Bishop and the watchful gaze of Fr. Ross, everything went smoothly.




Deo gratias.


M@rK said...

notice that the bishop was holding the ciborium and not the chalice..

Collin Michael Nunis said...

Peace of Christ!!!

I'll be coming up to Penang today, and will be there until Monday afternoon. Thought it'd be good to meet up. I'll be staying in Evergreen Laurel and I believe, that by my standards, Immaculate Conception is "walking distance".

I will most probably be going for Sunday Mass 8.30am or 6pm since I don't think I'll arrive in time for 6.30pm Mass today. What Mass do you go for? Or do you go for all 3? :p

Well, once you recieve this comment, do send me an SMS if you'd like to meet up. My number is 012-2745356.

Anonymous said...

the Byzantine rite does intincture differently...

war in the pocket said...

At last, restoring the sacred.