Friday, April 11, 2008

Coffee and friends

I am very proud to have been honoured by Rita over at Tigerish Waters with the Coffee Cup Award. Now I'm a great fan of coffee. I recall the joys of drinking coffee as a child when my grandma would brew a pot each day. Keeping a mug in the fridge would result in the most pleasant chilled coffee, sweet and strong! Good memories.

I drink upwards of 2 cups of coffee a day and enjoy it thoroughly. But what makes coffee even more enjoyable is the company. And so, I would like to share this award by inviting the following people to have a cuppa.

Nick Larkin
Fr. Daren
Fr. Tim

As an aside, talking about awards, have you voted for Unam Sanctam in Kat's Cannonball Awards? If you haven't, do scoot over and scroll down the sidebar until you come across Unam Sanctam in the Best Potpourri of Popery category. It's ok if you had voted for someone else earlier. We all make mistakes. I won't hold it against you. But no point letting it linger. You can correct it now and change your vote!!

And don't forget the Blogger's Choice Awards!

I got nominated Best Religion Blog!


fr paul harrison said...

I'm having a cup of coffee as I drink this. I have added you to my blogroll.


fr paul harrison

Anonymous said...

I feel very much appreciated. Thanks for the invite! I suppose since I love coffee so much, I'll invite some more to join in!!! MMMM!