Friday, June 20, 2008

The Confirmation Class of 08 - Ave atque vale

Teaching this bunch of young people and preparing them to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this year was a roller coaster ride.

They were tremendously energetic.


And though they were sometimes a handful and needed to be 'punished', overall, they were good kids...



... although some cooling off was sometimes necessary.


The year was truly memorable. We celebrated births.

Celebrating Joan's birthday.

And deaths.

The funeral of Newman Bernard Shaw, who was supposed to be confirmed this year. Requiescat in pace.

And the reception of 2 of my students into the Catholic Church.


And their first taste of God.



Of course, they did get themselves all tied up into a knot sometimes.


Some even got egg on their faces.


But hey, nobody's perfect. Keeping the Cross of Christ our Saviour in the centre, we managed to pull through, and pull together.


Building the bonds of fellowship between the parents and the kids.


And amongst ourselves.



Life's journey sure is tough. And the walks can sometime be tiresome and lonely.


But being amongst friends and family makes it so much easier.



And much more pleasant and enjoyable as well.


So, to the Confirmation Class of 08. You guys have been fantastic and it's been a great joy journeying with you all this year. Now that you have all received the Sacrament and are full fledged members of the Church and soldiers of Christ, I hope that you will cling to Him at all times so that He may lead you into eternal beatitude.


Remember what I always say, 'Don't embarrass me!'.


M@rK said...

indeed it is a very satisfying feeling that you get when you see kids grow up isnt it? I felt very happy when I saw my class get confirmed as well... now the challenge it to get them to stay and be "active members of the church". get them to join ministry...

ongzp888 said...

We wont embarrass u andrew

Jonathan Barachiel Lionel said...

wow andrew there some nice stuff in there! hahhahahahhah see we are way better than this years batch! hahhahahhah we dont embarrass you like they do! haha

Andrew said...

Ya la... this year a bit high blood pressure and stroke inducing. Too bad u din get chosen for NS... but as for embarrassment...well, we'll see =)

Anne. said...

Hey Andrew ! Haha. See you do sayang us. Your just too hard headed to admit that.. We are special in your eyes right right ? Better than this years batch, Clap and scream for no apparent reason. Crazy bunch of kids la ! We were Basement LOL They are B2 ! You will miss us la. & we will miss you ANDREW KHONG :D