Friday, June 13, 2008


I have been teaching this year's confirmation class for 6 months now. And come this Sunday, they will be confirmed. And so comes this series of 3 posts, as my personal tribute to the 42 young people who will be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

I ask you to pray for them as I share our journey with you, that they may worthily receive the holy Spirit and worthily exercise His Gifts for the greater glory of God and the spread of His Kingdom.


First off, our classroom is a pretty nifty air conditioned room located on the 2nd floor of the parish hall. It's rather good, considering that it's not a leaky shack with a dirt floor where the teachers teach by writing on the dirt with sticks. And one really begins to appreciate air conditioning and the genius of it's inventor in the stifling heat.

Copy of DSC07749

But all in all, as good as it is, I'm not really a big fan of classroom learning. These bundles of energy just want to release and cooping them up results in tired sleepy faces which gets me all tired and sleepy.

So, it's been a policy for us to have outings where learning can take place in a different environment. Our first outing was to the Botanical Gardens, to learn about baptism and other stuff in the beautiful green surroundings.


Apparently, I found out that these kids are not particularly green and the great outdoors doesn't really do it for them.



So for our next outing, we to the Shrine of St. Anne where it's air conditioned auditorium proved a more amenable atmosphere for learning to be imparted and absorbed.

More tomorrow. In a bit of a rush right now.

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