Monday, December 08, 2008

Macula non est in te

Our parish had a grand procession in the streets to celebrate our patronal feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


It's going to be a long day tomorrow with an outing planned for our new servers to hand on the faith in a more relaxed and informal environment, so I'm posting these prelim photos of our canopy taken before the Mass. I'm still waiting for some photos from another camera because i could not take any from mine because I was leading the rosary.


Enjoy the canopy though. It might not be there for long if a certain parish priest gets his way. Anyone in Penang who has storage space for a canopy, pls contact me to avoid this newly commissioned work of art going to the dogs like so many others in the post-Vatican II years. One Vatican II-er is not yet done apparently and intends to destroy as much as possible of the faith and the physical manifestations thereof before going to his judgment.


Heck, I'm talking like a bitter traddie. This means that the libbies have been getting to me lately. I'm really really beginning to think very very un-Christian thoughts about these people who have dealt so much destruction to the faith and left us with a Church full of woefully ignorant people and seminaries bereft of vocations. These people cheat those who have placed their trust in them as spiritual fathers by selling a version of Christianity where God is the Great Barney in Heaven who can only love, a weak and impotent God. The parts about God's holiness? Scratch that. I just think that from what has been revealed through the Scriptures, some folks are going to be in for a rather rude shock at the end of days when Christ Our Lord comes to judge the world with fire. Sigh...


I think the Gothic arches of our porch complement the canopy nicely.


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