Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tota pulchra es Maria

Note the gold crown and gold rosary

Here are some images from the Feast Day Mass of our parish on the occasion of our patronal feast of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. Some photos of the Mass were taken with my camera and are at home, but these are images taken by Angela using her camera.


The Mass was said by Fr. Simon Labrooy and co-said by His Grace Archbishop Emeritus Soter Fernandez, Fr. Edwin Paul, Rector of the College General Major Seminary, Fr. Paul Cheong, OFM Cap and our asistant parish priest, Mark Michael.

Our nice newly designed canopy. Sigh... too bad it's going to have it's roof chopped off.


The strapping young men we roped in to carry the staue of Our Lady


The procession, led by crucifer, lanterns, thurifers, flower girls and the image of Our Lady makes its way down the streets of Pulau Tikus.


His Grace, Archbishop Soter and the rest of the priests joined in as well for the entirety of the 2KM route.


There's a huge crowd, of more than a thousand people by my estimate, but none of the photos captures it


The canopy lights were turned on as darkness began to set in


Blocking traffic was pretty fun =)


We had a generator and several guys were carrying the amp that was used during the praying of the rosary and the singing of Marian hymns during the procession. Our humility was honoured to lead in the rosary and the singing, despite some technical errors at the beginning with the equipment


Darkness had now fallen as the procession made it's way back to the Church



The celebration ended in Church with Adoration and Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament where your out of breath scribe cantored the Tantum Ergo and the Divine Praises.

Dinner was provided for all after the Mass but sorry, no photos as our humility was famished and thought of his much neglected stomach over his blog.


Anonymous said...

Why chop off the roof?

Andrew said...

Because he's the parish priest and he wants to show he can do whatever he wants. The cover story is that it's too heavy.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, too many of the bishops and priests would rather live cozy up in the devils .... the road to hell is paved with the skulls of many bishops and priest. ...

Anonymous said...

That's a silly excuse.Its not like its going to be carried everyday and certainly not by him. Can nothing be done? When is he planning to do this?

Andrew said...

Yes it is but I believe he's trying to make a point. Anyway, we are still looking for some put it before it gets thrashed. Know anyone in Penang who's willing?

Mike T said...

Magnificent procession. Tota pulchra.