Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our God is an awesome God!

I had been feeling rather down and frustrated, sad and disappointed, hurt and betrayed. And to add to the frustration, it began to rain just as I was leaving the office. Not good, if you're riding a bike and trying to avoid hastening The End. As I was wallowing, suddenly I hear sirens and then came a police escort clearing the way through heavy traffic for a convoy of superbikes. And I promptly joined in =) It was nice, the heavy traffic parting for you and you kinda just cruise. LOL. Fun.

Almost 7 years I've been riding my bike on the long journey to and from work, but this is the first time God has given me the VIP treatment and in a moment when I most needed it, needed to feel His embrace and his Presence to confirm me in the decisions I've taken. Truly our God is a humorous and loving Father, who reaches out to His servants in their moment of need, showing His care and unfailing love. And oh, the rain stopped too after a while and I wasn't even wet.

Our God is an awesome God and greatly to be praised!

Thanks Lord for Your sign. I know what I must do, though it saddens me greatly to do it, I know when to call it quits and to surrender what you've given me and put into my charge back to You who are Father of us all. Thy will be done always, now and forever more.


Madrugadores de Buenos Aires said...

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We share.
We trust in your prayers.
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Anonymous said...


The Lord always work in mysterious ways. Sometimes we just don't want to look at it. It also come through people you meet every day.

I met you once and but if you need an outsider to chat to , just let me know.



Anonymous said...

andrew the tough guy i knew years back =) what a most comforting way to feel HIM.

chuan yi

Andrew said...

Eh... what tough guy? LMAO... but ya la... it has to be said la... the Muslims are right about one thing. Godhuakhbar. God is great...

Turgonian said...

The Lord even parted the Red Sea for His people. They didn't get wet either!

Anonymouse said...

Isn't it entirely possible that the rain, the police, and the traffic parting are just coincidences?

It makes a bit more sense than beliveing an invisible sky giant is ignoring everyone else on the planet, such as those dying of famine, war, murder etc to instead make sure you get home dry.

Just saying.