Monday, October 05, 2009

Pig in a dress

A pig in a dress is still a pig in a dress. A heap of snow covered dung is still a heap of snow covered dung. Sometimes and maybe even oftentimes, we will not realize that it's a heap of dung. Many unsuspecting passers by pass unknowingly. We might be fooled into thinking that it's all snow, white and pure. But underneath, it's a mass of rotting corruption, a cesspool of filth just waiting to break forth, revealing it's true nature to the world. Though the snow may cover it, may mask it's sight and smell, may hide the rot, it's all still there, just beneath the surface. That's the true nature of shit.

And that's the true nature of some people as well. They may wear masks that allow them to fool others, and sometimes, fool even themselves. But it's just a mask and they just pretending to be something they are not. One cannot wear a mask forever, nor fool everyone all the time. Some people some of the time? Maybe. But not everyone all the time. Because ultimately, water tends to find it's own level and their true colours will show. Sometimes, I wonder which is the mask, and which is the true nature of a person, the snow of the dung? Which lies at the heart? I've thought that the whiffs malodorous pong emanating from the heap originated from further upwind. Maybe someone has defecated on the snow? But in fact, it's a deep and vast pond of sewage, frozen over, for a season, in winter, which is soon to pass.

One day, the snow will melt away, revealing the shit beneath. Once seen and experienced, the memory of what truly lies beneath will remain, the sight and the smell, will forever remain etched in memory, so that no fresh cover of snow may again fool the mind. For underneath, the pristine pure whiteness, lies a pile of smelly shit. A pig in a dress is still a pig in a dress, no matter how beautiful the dress.

Still a pig.
Not fooling anyone.

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chansey said...

Hello again Andrew. Not trying to start a fight here, but if I may offer my opinion on this topic, it is that there is a duality that always exists within everyone. We have the choice choice between good and evil, which would imply that we have the capacity to be both, and the vast majority of us fall within the neutral range of the spectrum - only a rare few could truly be said to be fully heroic, or evil.

Have you heard of the Milgram experiment? It may offer some insights into human nature.