Friday, February 09, 2007

Women are evil!

Hold on ladies. Please hear we out. I'm just quoting =) We don't want a repeat of the Pope and the Emperor Manuel Paleologos issue.

Carolina (who's a woman mind you, and a very wise one at that) took the words right out of my mouth and said something that I sometimes whisper in the silence of my heart when I feel particularly brave. And it's pretty darn good that a woman, and a brilliantly insightful one at that, said it too. Imagine what would happen if a man were so say something like that. Hell hath no fury would be putting it lightly. My grandmother would kick me out of the house. Not that I would not deserve it for insinuating such a blatant untruth.

But before I get labelled a male chauvinist, lets see what Carolina actually says.

Firstly, for the context:
Men are evil!

At least that is what they are teaching my son at daycare. Yesterday when I picked him up there were notices distributed to each parent about what was 'appropriate play'. Here is their list of 'bad play' that's not to be tolerated or allowed.

No good guy/bad guy role play
No cops/robbers role play
No cowboys/Indians role play
No pretending to be monsters
No pretending to be soldiers

All aggressive behavior is inappropriate and violent.
And then, she comes to the very true conclusion:
Women ruin everything!

Basically they have nixed any behavior that is remotely masculine. I have a real problem with someone telling my son that playing like a boy is something bad 'violent' 'aggressive' and must not be tolerated.
The problem is that my son's center is run by women... all women. There are NO MEN at all. Right now I feel like women ruin everything. Women ruined the Church, women are ruining the education systems, the government, the work force. There are seeping it with politically correct phrasing, perfume, doilies and squelching all forms competition and competitiveness.

Its a very well known fact that if you want men to lose interest in something, get a bunch of women involved. Women want every one to play nice. All playing nice has gotten us is a bunch metro-sexual feminized men that have a sense of entitlement and won't be able to defend their women and country from a full islamic take over.

Women want their men to behave like ladies, and they themselves want to be liberalised ball busters. What happened? Oh, Yeah. The sexual revolution & women's lib. Yawn.
Read it all here.

Here's my take. Personally I think feminists are off their rockers too, especially when they attack the Church. And here's why.

Feminists think that women can be truly and fully liberated only when the become what they hate, namely, men. Ironic isn't it?

No offense, but they started out wanting women to wear men's clothes, do men's jobs, etc. Basically, they measure their self worth by benchmarking themselves to men. The message that they are sending out is that women are only fully actualized when they can do all that a man can.
And as most men can tell you, that not very much of a goal cos we men really can't do that much. =) The things that make women women, feminine, are derided. Child bearing, motherhood and all that are dissed as signs of oppression. That's just utter bollocks.

Here's where the Church comes in and proclaims such a liberating message to women. A truly revolutionary message in our time and age:

Women, you don't have to be like men to have self worth. That dignity comes from being a child of God, made in his image and likeness.

Be womanly and feminine, and be proud of it! Let your feminine genius shine.

In God's image and likeness, male and female He made them, to complement each other so that the two can be one.

Wow! What a wonderfully and truly liberating message. Be yourself, be a child of God, and for God's sakes, be happy.

Chalk one up for Holy Mother Church and for her faithful son, Pope John Paul II.

Tell me what you think.

This is a very rushed post.


Anonymous said...

Nice post, Andrew. Very diplomatic and well-written. Kudos, too, for use of the word 'bollocks', made me laugh.

Just so long as you steer clear of writing stuff like this, you should be clear of women wanting your head on a pole. (What? Me cry 'mea culpa'? Never!)

Anonymous said...

Because basically, the only play that comes naturally to boys is violence.

Is it too much to ask to not be violent for even a little while?

Anonymous said...

Just what exactly do you think men have been doing for the last 6000 years? Oh sure I understand it's hard to cope with reality and most people in general find it easier to pretend men aren't as bad as the facts would indicate, but come on.

For most of recorded history women have had the legal status of cattle. Didn't the Council of Nicea hold a vote on whether or not women had souls? And it ended up they DO have souls! By one vote!

In the UK, men are 24 times more likely than women to kill or assault another person and 263 times more likely to commit a sexual offence.

Male chimps beat females to keep them from having sex with other males. These are your ancestors, honey.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, someone who gets their ideas of the morality and souls of men from some (uncited) stuff about the council of nicea and a bbc piece on chimps.

If that's the best you can do, you're not the brightest sparky in the box, are you?

Andrew said...

Sparky, I'm not sure where you got your information from, but the Council of Nicea certainly did not vote on whether women had souls. Here's the list of canons or decress coming from the Council of Nicea.

You can see that it clearly deals with the Arian heresy and several other administrative matters. Whether or not women have souls is not something you can vote about. Scripture is very clear about this.

In the Magnificat, the Canticle of Mary that the Church sings in her evening prayer or vespers each day throughout the world, Mary sings 'My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord', the very first words of this Canticle. Surely, Mary, as a woman, had a soul.

The Catholic Church has always upheld the place of women in society. A man may only have one wife and be joined to her for life in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. This is in complete contrast to the prevailing trend of polygamy and one that still exists in Islam today. Muslim Sharia Law also discriminates against a woman's portion of the inheritance and her word is worth half that of a man.

The statistics you provided from the UK is problematic because the UK is becoming the epitome of political correctness gone mad. People of all ages and indoctrinated with PC in schools but in real life, the TV's and media propose very different kind of morality, one based on hedonism and pleasure as the ultimate good.

If you believe in radical evolution, then violence in the natural order and might makes right is evolutionary and people have no business stopping this trait.

But the Church does not believe in unguided evolution but teaches that the rational human soul is created by God to be able to distinguish right from wrong and through grace, is able to rise from it's fallen nature to something higher and more pure.

And finally, there's nothing wrong with asking boys (and girls for that matter) to be civilized and non-violent. But stopping kids from playing cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and the like is simple emasculation, preventing boys from growing up normally and feminizing them.

What exactly do you expect boys to do?

Andrew said...

And Mr. Smith, regarding your first comment, apparently not diplomatic enough. =)

Anonymous said...

Hmmn, diplomacy.. now there's a thought.

Btw, what's wrong with violence? In the right time and right reason, surely it can even be a good thing?