Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Do you suffer from Ben-addiction?
Need your daily fix of His Holiness the Pope?

Not in Rome and trailing the Holy Father's every move?
Want to? =)

Then this is the site for you.

Called Benedict TV, this site has cool videos of the Pope's comings and goings and his activities.


One day in life of bavarian Pope


40,9 mb







Do check it out. The first video, One Day in the Life of the Bavarian Pope is worth mentioning. It includes footage of the Pope saying Mass in the Chapel of the Apostolic Palace. Ad orientem of course. It shows him vesting. as he first dons an amice(!), the alb and a cincture before putting on a green Gothic chasuble that looks better than the stuff Marini vests him with when he celebrates a public Mass. He concelebrates with his 2 fully vested secretaries. They come out, genuflect before tabernacle and venerate the altar. Trad!

Too bad there are female lectors and the Mass is celebrated in Italian though.
He speaks firmly and gently, full of kindness. You can also see the great stained glass in his private chapel.

There's also footage of the Pope praying before the tabernacle. You can see the intense concentration, reminiscent of Pope John Paul II when he was praying. The world just melts away, the you only have him and God, in conversation.

The shots of his private office was nice. Loads of books. He has a PC too. LCD monitor, just like the one I use in the office. Msgr. Ganswein has one too. I wonder if he reads my emails?
In the later part, you can see him signing the parchments of the appointments of Bishops, including the Bishop of Salt Lake City.

There's also footage of the Pope's eye view of the Angelus. Very cool.
When the enters the Nervi hall, spontaneous applause erupts with the sound of the entrance music. What fun! I'm surprised he's not blinded by the flashes. No wonder he always wears shades.

His cook looks beefy though. He has his own cutlery inscribed with his coat of arms. I wonder if guests ever make off with a spoon? =) Contrary to popular reports, he does dine with guests. this time, the papal theologian, a Dominican whose name escapes me. Grace in Latin!! The dining room is small, cosy, familial.

You can also see stuff like the terrace on top of the Apostolic Palace. I last saw it in Shoes of the Fisherman. Nice stations and Marian Shrine. Very Italian. Very Mediterranean.

He's then walking in the Vatican Garden's, praying at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, at the Shrine of the Madonna of Guadalupe and praying the rosary.

His meeting with Cardinal Secretary of State Bertone seemed very very cordial and friendly. There is genuine warmth between them. I reeeally wish I could speak Italian. I wonder what they were saying.

At night, the Pope watches TV!!!! A great LCD screen TV. Wow! I really didn't know that. It really shows the family of the Pope, with him and his 2 secretaries gathered around the TV. Haha! But the program made them look real solemn though. Something about the Pope and the Vatican on Italian TV. He was breathing hard and holding his head.

So there you have it. A day in the life of the Pope. Wonder what kind of bed he has? Hmmm...

But everything is in Italian. Sigh...

Another good site for those with Ben-addiction is this one.
It has photos of all the Popes events. Great!
It's in Russian though.

If you go here, another Russian site, you can get wallpapers with the Pope. I particularly like the Corpus Christi one.

It also has a video gallery. Check it out!

Link via Amy.


Rev. Daren J. Zehnle, J.C.L., K.C.H.S. said...

I wondered about making off with a spoon myself :)

Saint Peter's helpers said...

Thanks for the video footage. It's rare that we see the life of the Holy Father up close. This is a keeper. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Andrew said...

Fr. D, if you have an extra spoon, I have extra space in my cutlery drawer. =)

St. Peter's helper, thank you. I thought the video was a great and rare insight into the private life of this very private pope. I'm glad you liked it.