Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The best I've ever had

Airline food that is. On one of my connecting flights, I had the best cake ever. It was a small piece (too small if you ask me) of some kind of a nougaty/caramely thing. DEEELICIOUS.

And on my flight back to Penang, for dinner, I had the most delicious airline meal ever. 2 pieces of lamb medallion with spaghetti and vegetables. Scrumptious. MMmmmm. The lamb was tender and not over done, the sauce was well spiced with basil and other herbs and the pasta wasn't overcooked and soggy. Great. The best airline meal I've ever had and as a frequent flyer, I eat lots of crap. It's a meal that one would expect at a restaurant and I was very pleased.

Until....... mid bite,

I realised it was Lent. Crap.

Anyway, it was a Thai Airways flight. Sigh...


Archistrategos said...

LOL! I can definitely sympathize! Just last week I was eating The Steak of Utter and Absolute Perfection, when I bit on a pepper, and it was revealed to me that it was a Friday. :D

Anonymous said...

Travel exception, dude.

Collin Michael Nunis said...

Yea, there is oikonomia for travellers during Lent.

Anonymous said...

travel exception
or just sin for the lamb