Thursday, March 13, 2008

I wanted to update you guys on what's been going on recently that's keeping this blog so uncharacteristically quiet. Firstly, I've been rather ill recently with the flu and a fever. I'm also losing my voice. The timing is horrible, as we're moving into Holy Week.

On that note, the schola, which sang for 2 Masses on Sunday last week, will be singing on one of the Palm Sunday Masses as well as one of the Good Friday liturgies (almost wrote Mass there).

The Sunday morning Mass was done ok, despite the fact that the practice the previous night was disrupted by the earth shattering news that the Opposition have captured 5 Malaysian states (with the government retaining the other 7, some with small majorities) and the government losing its 2/3 Parliamentary majority.

For those of you who are wondering what's the big deal, the same government has been ruling Malaysia since Independence and the only other time it lost it's 2/3 majority in Parliament, inter-racial unrest and rioting occurred with the Malays killing the Chinese and Parliament suspended. In the aftermath, the Malays implemented the New Economic Policy which institutionalized racism in Malaysia and discriminates against the minority Chinese, Indian and Native Borneo population. That policy still stands today and spawns corruption, nepotism and gross inefficiency and mismanagement of the economy and country forcing the emigration of large numbers of talent who felt cheated and left out. Yet, even in 1969, the government lost only 2 states compared to 5 this time.

Some schola members were afraid of coming to practice because they feared unrest and rioting by the Malays who lost power. After practice, I was awake the whole night monitoring the news on the outcome of the elections. And in the morning, our organist abandoned us. But still, a capella, we did ok with 6 out of 9 members turning up. One had to be dispatched to take care of the annual Breakfast for the Elderly which we were organising. More on that later.

The evening Mass saw only FOUR out of NINE members present. I have words for those blooming #$%^ who did not turn up. Anyways, it did not turn out that badly as we have a strong and solid foundation, so even a less than 50% turnout was ok.

Palm Sunday is up next. And Good Friday. I have decided to sing the Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet on Good Friday during the Veneration of the Holy Cross with Crux Fidelis, Adoramus Te Christe, O Sacred Head and whatever I can cobble up in time thrown in. All the songs will be sung a capella.

Anyway, that's the update for today. Sorry, no graphics as I'm not too well and I have to rush off for a tuition class I'm giving for my confirmation class kids who will be sitting for the SPM (that's the equivalent of the O-Levels for you Brits and the SATS for my American friends) this year.

And, did I mention that I'm preparing for the 2nd Last Confirmation Camp coming up in 2 weeks of which I'm the main facilitator...? I think I just got sicker.

God help us all.


Augustine said...

O-levels? Goodness me! My time machine works :-P

We have the ever popular GCSEs to sit now!

Rita said...

Wow, even when you're ill, you're a human whirlwind!

Please take some time to rest and have plenty of chicken soup!

I wish I could be there for your Good Friday liturgy, it sounds wonderful.

Andrew said...

I do nod off at the office computer... I think that counts as rest =)

Augustine said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Most boards are quiet around this time of year I guess. Come visit us at

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