Thursday, March 06, 2008

Schola update

As some of you might be aware, our parish happens to have a little schola cantorum that has been singing for about half a year now. It was a rough start but things are getting a bit smoother as time goes by. As our parish has 6 choirs for the Masses in English, we don't sing every week and it makes life a bit easier.

We now have 9 members (7 male voices and 2 female voices), not all of whom can carry a tune in a bucket, and not all of whom are punctual, rehearse their parts at home, read neumes or standard musical notation or turn up for practices. Which makes my life as the director a living hell.

Anyway, I just wanted to update y'all that we'll be singing at this Sunday's morning Mass (which is very tight because we're doing the Novena on Saturday night and have the breakfast for the elderly to take care of on Sunday morning which means key people will be leaving the choir half way) as well as one of the Sunday Masses on Palm Sunday as well as one of the Good Friday Presanctified liturgies.

Do pray for us. Trust me, we'll need all the prayers we can get.

Any song recommendations anyone? I've lined up the usual suspects, Attende Domine, O Sacred Head, Adoramus Te Christe etc. I plan to do a purely vocal Good Friday program.


Anonymous said...

Don't miss the Pueri Hebraeorum and the Gloria, laus et honor on Palm Sunday. On Good Friday, you must sing Ecce lignum and Crucem tuam.
We'll have polyphony for the Proper in the celebrations you mention. We usualluy sing the ordinary in Gregorian. On Easter Sunday, we'll sing the gregorian introit and communion and for Ordinary a mass from the italian baroque A.Caldara, with orchestra.

Andrew said...

With Orchestra... sigh... I don't even have a full time organist. Thanks for the suggestions though.