Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mass of the Lord's Supper @ IC

The Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper was a simple affair this year. No Rite of Reception of the Holy Oils. Just Mass and the Mandatum and adoration.


Above you can see the men selected for the washing of the feet. Included were several students from my Confirmation Class. I think the exposure is a good thing.


Joining us this year was Fr. Decroix, MEP. Fr. Mark our assistant priest said the Mass. A full complement of servers was also present.


After the Gospel, the Rite of the Washing of the Feet began. The priest removed his chasuble and washed the feet of 12 men, representing the 12 Apostles. The priest washes their feet in imitation of Christ the Lord in a gesture of humility and service.


Above, Fr. Mark washing the feet of Evan, our Youth Leader and Kevin, my student, below.



In imitation of the great John Paul II, Fr. Mark kisses their feet in a sign of service and humility. It's an admirable and praiseworthy gesture. You can see how this act affects those whose feet are being washed and I can imagine that the response of the Apostles when Jesus washed their feet would have been the same.



Young and old, of differing backgrounds, just like the Apostles. All received the same treatment.





It was a very solemn moment. Very intense.



You can see the additional hosts being consecrated for the Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified on Good Friday.


When the Mass was over, a very simple altar of repose was set up at the for of the sanctuary and priests and people together adored the Lord in prayer.



Many stayed back to watch and wait with the Lord Jesus as he had requested. "Could you not watch and wait with me one hour?"


The images below was of the Adoration at the altar of repose set up in the Garden Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. But this year, due to fears of rain, the adoration was moved inside the Church.




Anonymous said...

who is that kneeling at the grotto?

M@rK said...

i would just like to highlight that Jesus Christ had 11 apostles in IC Parish this year (try counting the people in the pictures), apparently one of them showed up late and was not allowed to the supper...

therefore, we should be ready at all times, for we know not the time when the master will arrive... lest we too, be left behind...