Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prayers please


My grandma has had a fall and fractured her arm. The fall happened as she returned from the market and was about to enter the house. Luckily, some good Samaritans helped her up and alerted the neighbours who saw to her comfort and put ice on the fracture. But she waited till I came back before going to the hospital. That must not have been pleasant and her fall occurred in the morning and i only came back from work in the evening.

She has been hospitalized (The General Hospiral, Ward E12) so in your charity, do keep her in your prayers and pray for a swift and complication free recovery. It will take a while, with her arm in the cast and all. Furthermore, during the CMR, her skin tore and there was bleeding.

Celebrating her birthday in happier times

The fall happened on her birthday. She is 83 this year.


Grandma is back home recuperating. A day after her discharge from the hospital, I had to take her back as blood was seeping through the cast. A window was made and the dressing changed. But it still looks pretty bloody to me.

Do continue to pray.


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