Monday, April 20, 2009

Please pray

Dear readers,

I'd like to request that in your charity, you'll pray for a person who's at a crossroads in life and a very important one at that.

We are seldom at a crossroad but often we criss cross over the parallel roads to Heaven and to Hell. But sometimes, we do come to crossroads and a choice is demanded of us. "Choose this day whom you will serve." These words are now posed and demand an answer. The current path only leads one way. I sense a demonic influence and I'm praying hard that the power and love of God, who is now locked out, may overcome this and once again reign in the heart that He has made, in the soul He has called.

Please pray that the Lord Jesus, who had himself defeated Satan and overcome temptation, may illumine the heart and send sufficient grace for what needs to be done.

Beloved Jesus: Lord, King, Savior, God and all in all. You who are God, but also were man, Who was tempted by the devil as any other human being. Please give the strength, the courage and the fortitude to your servant to reject sin, to turn away from the path of perdition and the grace to remain spotless as You are and the fortitude to remain in the path of Light and Truth regardless of the temptations that may and will come.

My God, You have said that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Send, Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, to strengthen Your servant in this moment of trial that the flesh may be mastered by the Spirit of Truth and of Love and may once again be a clean and fitting Temple.

O Lord, in You and You alone I place my trust, my God and my Father. Do not abandon your child, whom You have chosen and called to yourself. Rescue O Lord, and remain forever with the one you have chosen.

On my knees I cry out to You O God. From the depths let my prayer rise to the heights of Your Throne. Hear me my Father, in my distress I call out to You. With You all things are possible and nothing can separate those whom You have called from Your love and mercy. Your mighty arm has saved, Lord. Once again I beg You, Father, to stretch out Your arm, once again, Lord, save your people, your child.

Thy will be done.

O Mary, my mother. O Mother of grace and mercy, though your child has departed from you, though the your child's face is deliberately turned away from you, remember Most Gracious Virgin Mary, that once you were Mother and once your child approached you in prayer and asked for your help and intercession, your protection and your prayers, now and at the hour of death.

At this crossroad where one path leads to the death of the Spirit, O Mother, pray that your child may choose the path of Life and of fellowship with Jesus your Son. Pray O Holy Mary, that your child may choose the path that leads to eternal life, to eternal joy, to eternal happiness and bliss with God and His angels and His saints.

Pray O my Mother, that the power of the Seducer of men, the Father of Lies and Prince of this world may falter over your child and the door through which Satan enters the heart may be closed and sealed shut and that the power of Jesus your Son may triumph once again and reign and rule over the heart of the child you have called your own and have called by name.

In my distress, my anguished appeal is poured forth before your throne, where no plea, no cry, is unheard and left unaided. Mother of God, have mercy on me and despise not my petition but in your mercy, hear and answer me.



Rita said...

There is a lot of it about.

I am praying for this person.

Aaron Alammalay said...

Omnes Sanctis et Angelis... ora pro eus...

Nicholas.B said...

Yes....i will pray for not ONE but a FEW people and myself of coarse.....

How is your grandmother coping with the fall? Hope everything is fine.