Thursday, April 02, 2009

Church of the Divine Mercy - Update

Once upon a time, I wrote about a new Church being built in Penang. Well, I was just there today and the building is almost completed. Not bad.... it went up pretty fast. The last time I was here, it was just up to 2 storeys.

An artist's impression of the completed Church

Now, the roof is up and the masonry looks almost complete. Oh, the site is on the slope of this hill which requires massive retaining walls just to keep everything up. Would anyone like to guess the incline?


The main Church has many windows.... good. Natural lighting and lots of space to put in stained glass in the future.


The big main window is supposed to have an image of the Divine Mercy, to Whom the Church is dedicated to. I'm told by the priest in charge that it will be backlit at night.


Will it be a target for the local kids and their slingshots? I don't know. I think the Church had better get insurance though... and loads of it. And yeah, flaming balls may also be thrown at the Church from the neighbouring apartment that towers above it. So, yeah, lots and lots of insurance would be a good thing.


You can see the massive retaining wall that I was talking about in this pic.


These photos show the block that houses the classrooms, hall and living quarters for the priests.



More when when available.


Augustine said...

As far as modern churches go, it's not bad. I'd much prefer it to be cruciform; Gothic, Romanesque or Baroque, but at least it's ambitious!

The Island Gypsy said...

The form of the church is more or less traditional. It appears that it is in cruciform. Not really bad. What I think is worse are the churches built in round form.

Why sling shots by the way? I am not from Malaysia, I am from the Philippines. I've been to Penang though and I admire the beautiful buildings in Penang. I've stayed for 4 days at the YMCA just near the diocesan chancery of Penang in McAlister Road.

Why the massive walls?
Is church vandalism common in Penang?

Andrew said...

Well, it's not cruciform. I want to say that it's in the basilica style, but that would pretty much insult basilicas =)

It's a small basilica, if you will.

The massive retaining walls are needed because the Church sits on the edge of a cliff. The walls keep the soil in place and keeps the whole edifice from tumbling down the rather steep incline.

Slingshots are an inside joke. The Church is built in a predominantly Malay Muslim area and there has not been a true Church (except the smaller shoplot churches) in the area so the building might be seen as a challenge. That's why the building is officially called the Christian Community Centre and there are no massive crosses to top it off.

And do give us a ring if you're in Penang next time. We could meet up.

Anonymous said...

whao a church that look like a church in modernist penang

Anonymous said...

hi there, is there any photos on the chrism mass at balik pulau church? looking forward for the photos...

Andrew said...

Sorry, I did not manage to attend the Chrism Mass this year as I was I'll. Let me try to ask around and I'll post whatever I can find.

Aaron Alammalay said...

Yep @ least something good has come this way :)

Anonymous said...

i hope that the tablenacle remain in the middle and not somewhere lost.

Francis the dog lover said...

are u a traditionalist? I work in Mount Miriam, can give me a call.

By the wat,, the "sg ara church"look nice but unfortunatley did not have Crosses....pretty sad.

Andrew said...

The tabernacle is at the centre, according to the design.

I don't think of myself so much as a traditionalist rather than an orthodox Catholic. Should there be any other kind? =)

Thiruppathy Raja said...

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