Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Book covers

Take a look at what I brought back from Thailand. I only bought 2 personal gifts and these are it. I bought some other gifts as well, for colleagues and friends who had kept an eye on my grandmother, house and dog while I was away. But these were for me =)

This one is the first page of the Gospel according to St. Matthew from the Book of Kells and depicts the ChiRho, the first words of Christ's name in Greek.


This one, also from the Book of Kells, shows the symbols of the four evangelists.


The covers are beautifully embossed and printed and inlaid with mother of pearl. I'm going to try to incorporate them into a cover for the Book of the Gospels or the Holy Bible.

Utter coolness to have found these in Thailand. I haven't seen anything like it in Malaysia. They are quite pricey but I think they're worth it if it gives glory to God.

That's why I always keep my eyes peeled when I'm about cos I'd never know what I'll find.

More eye candy for Carolina =)


M@rK said...

Book of Kells... yes, that's one of the things which I need to see while I'm here. Well, next year then.. Am trying to get my friend who studies in Trinity to get me in for free... hehe... oh well...

Joyce Wyld said...

What is the book of Kells doing in Thailand? Are those pictures of the book of Kells or replicas?

Lawrence Lew OP said...

Those were fantastic. I'd love to get one for my priory.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My local farm shop in sunny surrey UK stock them,(priory farm).
I won't ask you what you paid for them. It might be TOO cruel.


Andrew said...

Mark, swipe a page if you can. Preferable the ones matching the covers =)

Joyce, these are replicas which I bought at Kinokuniya in Siam Paragon of all places.

Fra Lawrence, perhaps Argy can help you or you can pay sunny Surrey a visit.

And Argy, cruel, cruel Argy, why didn't you tell me earlier! Haha... anyway, they were not that expensive... well ok, they were, kinda. Do let me know if if your farm shop has any other gems for sale, cheap.