Friday, June 15, 2007

Third papal attack!

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI was attacked for the third time in the space of a week in St. Peter's square yesterday!

During the Wednesday general audience, a huge giant appeared out of nowhere screaming "No to the motu proprio! Death to the Tridentine Mass!" He then scooped up the Pope, stared at him intently with disgust on his face and ran off as the crowds gaped in stunned silence.

Pope Benedict: Andrew, are you trying to be funny?

Well, don't stop, I'm enjoying every minute of it!

No Popes or giants were hurt in this production. Take your cursor and highlight the text below to see the real caption.

Pope Benedict XVI's bodyguard inspect a puppet depicting the Pope and gave him by a faithful during the weekly general audience Saint Peter's square at the Vatican June 13, 2007. REUTERS/Max Rossi (VATICAN)


Anonymous said...

I thought it really had happened... even german and french bishops are against motu proprio so everything is possible.


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise if the enemies of the Tridentine Rite, among them many cardinals, were practicing Vudu on Benedict XVI to thwart the liberalization of the tridentine rite.

Anonymous said...

I nearly suffered a heart palpitation when readinf this!!!


Just a question: how mnay priests in Malaysia would be able to celebrate the Tridentine rite? Is there any FSSP or ICKSP presence there?

Andrew said...

Hi Andrew. May I first congratulate your esteemed parents on your great choice of name =)

Sorry, but our bishops are rather hostile to the whole idea of the Tridentine Mass. It's particularly bad in my diocese of Penang where even the Novus Ordo in Latin is a no-no. So, to answer your questions, I would have to estimate that NO priest in Malaysia could do it even if the motu proprio comes out tmrw. The FSSP and ICKSP is not active in Malaysia as the bishops won't invite them. And from my close dealings with the seminary, I can tell you that none of the seminarians would have heard of such a things as a Tridentine Mass. I kid you not. And the lecturers are rather hostile to it themselves.

We do have an SSPX chapel in the capital with another one opening in another provincial city. But in the mainstream Church, there's very little interest.

Do pray for us though.