Sunday, June 10, 2007

An unwelcome guest

I was about to go to work in the morning when my dog started barking furiously.
So I looked up and guess who was peeking down from the roof?

It was a monkey(!) clambering all over my roof. The neighbour, who has a new born in the house, was rightly terrified and proceeded to take up a broom and attempted to give the monkey a good fright.

The monkey was not amused. After a few minutes of making scary faces at my dog and the neighbour, it scampered off over the rooftops.

It was interesting that a monkey managed to come into our housing area as the place is so developed, there are hardly any trees and forests left. There are many monkeys in the Botanic Gardens some miles away, but I doubt this one made the journey from there.

Well, I just hope I don't wake up one day to find a monkey throttling me....or my dog.