Monday, June 18, 2007


What follows is a rant. Be forewarned. I cant guarantee that all the language in the following post is going to be temperate, so if you're afraid that you're going to be offended, skip this post now.

This post follows the post on US President Bush's visit to Pope Benedict at the Vatican. While he was in the Italian capital these 'people' were out in the street 'demonstrating'. I have nothing but utter and complete scorn for these wussies. Yes, that's right, wussies, the plural form of wuss which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as:
A person who is physically weak and ineffectual. Often a male person with low courage factor.
Sure looks like these people fit the description to me. Why, you say? Well, firstly, a person with courage and conviction in the righteousness of what he is doing would have the testicular fortitude to show his face and not hide behind a mask likes these wusses here.

Wuss. Our potbellied friend fits the bill nicely.

A person of dual sissiness. This is actually a combination word. The person this word describes is not only a wuss, he is part wimp and part puss.

Wuss. Textbook example. A hooligan in action. What bravery, fighting against the big bad police who can't shoot you back. Wow. Try this in Iraq against Saddam's government and see what happens.

I find that this is a most apt (read printable) description of these 'people' who demonstrate in the street about something so completely out of their ken and experience. They're nothing more than thugs and remind me about the poor misguided Palestinian child and teen terrorists-in-training taking part in the intifada and hurling stones and missiles of all kinds against the Israeli police who are supposed (according to the wussies who want 'justice') to do nothing while they are being pelted and assaulted.

If I had my wish, the police would open fire with rubber bullets. If the 'protesters' get hurt, then too bad. Who asked them to be out in the streets hurling rocks anyway. They deserve it if you ask me.

Take for example this brave wannabe hero of justice here. Look at his/her McLenin scarf.

Well, the scarf just makes me want to barf. It is a mockery of all the suffering that the Soviet people went through under Lenin and his 'revolution'. I really wish these people really lived under Lenin. And then see if they would equate the almost unlimited freedom that they now enjoy with the repression of Lenin's Russia. Ungrateful idiots.

Bloody hooligans, that's what they are. Bloody spoilt brats. Have some common decency and show your face you poor witless, brainless excuse of a human being. Nothing to watch on TV? Well, lets go and throw stones and the police to show how oppressed we are. Useless.

These people are nothing but terrorists, slithering along with their identities hidden, playing eco warrior and raising a ruckus against the US soldiers, the very ones who are dying defending their freedom. Shoot them. Then they'll sober up.

And these little armchair terrorists (who go back home to their middle class jobs and families and sit in their comfy couches sipping beer after a hard day of throwing rocks and stones at the police) dare to call another person who at least has the intestinal fortitude to stand by his decision a terrorist. What nerve. World's #1 terrorist? What's their misguided definition of terror?

And that brings me to another point. Why is it that everyone is blaming President Bush for all the atrocities in Iraq. Why is he the war monger? Are the US forces killing innocent people and blowing markets and buses? Did President Bush authorize an unprovoked attack by slamming planes into Iraqi of Afghan skyskrapers in a deliberate, premeditated and murderous plot to take innocent lives? Did he strike first? No, it is the terrorists who did all that and who take comfort that while they are doing the killing in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Democratic wussies in the US Congress and the mass of wussies in America and Britain are fighting a covert war of undermining the coalition armed forces on the home front. What great allies these compromisers and terrorists make, what fine bed fellows.

Hilary 'pro-baby killer' Clinton lookalike.

Why don't these spineless tofu eating wussies protest against the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan? Attacking one's army from behind while they die to defend the very freedom that these wussies take for granted and abuse is a terrible crime and should be treasonous in times of war. If these wussies had their way, Europe and the US would be speaking German by now and we in Malaysia would be speaking Japanese and eating uncooked raw fish, cold noodles and warm desserts. And if the al-Qaeda terrorists had their way, this woman would not even be permitted out of the house, much less to actually speak. And being uncovered like that? Yikes, she's just uncovered meat, as the Australian Mufti said, tempting the animals (that's how they see themselves, animals) to come and take a bite and rape her.

And that brings me finally to this wussbag, the mother of all wusses. These kinds of people are the worse, who would not defend themselves against attack and attack those who defend them. They make me sick.

No war is ever fair, FOR WHATEVER REASON? Yeah, that's great. Tell it to the Bosnians who were appealing for help as the Serbs bombed them to smithereens. Tell it to the French who begged Churchill to liberate their country which lost 2 world wars and wars against the Russians under Tsar Alexander and the Vietnamese under Ho Chi Minh. Tell it to the people of Darfur who are even now begging the international community to intervene and end the slaughter that goes on there daily.

Would this wussbag feel that war is 'fair' if her entire family was wiped out, murdered before her eyes, and her neighbours blown up as their shopped in the markets or sat on the bus and her sisters, mother and daughters raped, mutilated and killed before her eyes. Would a war to end such an atrocity be 'fair'? Somestimes, I just wanna....

And another thing. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. But if you don't, at least have the courtesy to tell me why you disagree, with reasons that I can respond to. This is an emotional post, so if you disagree with me, feel free to try to persuade me to change my views. I just can't stand these people...arggh!!!

Thank you.

Thus endeth this rant.


Rita said...

Steady on Andrew! That was a good rant. I have a few points I'd like to make...clamly!

Firstly, I notice the foul name of "Socialist Worker" appearing on one of the banners. That organisation is scum. I'll give you an example. Many years ago when I was living in a very deprived area of the UK, a coloured boy was shot and killed with an air gun by a youth shouting racist slogans. The community were horrified and organised a dignified silent march through the town to show support for the family. "Socialsit Worker" turn up with their filthy banners and want to turn it into a noisy political march. Some of us had to take them down a back alley and tell them they were "very naughty boys and girls".

So I am in total agreement with you about the protesters, they are cowards and scumballs.

However I'd also like to say that Mr Bush and Mr Blair have not been very successful at promoting "freedom" throughout the world. I am resolutely anti-war but not a pacifist. I firmly believe more negotiations and fairer negotiations could and should have taken place (something the Vatican was urging), but they were icthing for a fight. They have blood on their hands for sanctioning cowardly ineffective tactics like blanket bombing, and for the economic mess of selling off all Iraq's the sate owned infrastructure and leaving it virtually overnight with an unrestrained free-market rife with racketteers, freeloaders and criminals. A most excellent recepie for armed militias and nasty people to take control.

They also have blood on thier hands for not doing more in Darfur and Zimbabwe. But as we all know war in the middle east is about the only think Mr Bush really cares about and that is his chums in the oil industry.

There, I've had my little rant too!

Anonymous said...

Nice rant, Andrew, but I suggest you look into the background of the Serb/Bosnian conflict a little more closely before lauding that little firefight too much. As time passes, it looks more and more like the US backed the wrong side.

I'll find a blog post to explain that one properly, though, since I'm not the expert I should be.

Andrew said...

Thanks, Rita and Mr. Smith. What peeves me off about the things some people say is this. What do they expect Bush and Blair to do now with things as they are? Run away? The Muslim terrorists would then take this as a sign of weakness and rejoice. Their constituency would be strengthened and they would be further emboldened to carry out more attacks. I don't see anyone giving concrete suggestions, only asking for a pullout. What would that achieve?