Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Catholic Priests serve Buddhist monks

A Catholic priest serves food to Buddhist monks in the house of archbishop of Sri Lanka Oswald Gomis in Colombo December 28, 2006. The archbishop's offering of traditional alms to the monks was part of Christmas celebrations and a goodwill gesture to promote unity between Catholic and Buddhist clergies of the country. REUTERS/Buddhika Weerasinghe (SRI LANKA)


Anonymous said...

Do the buddhist monks, at some time of the year, serve the Catholic priests as a gesture of unity?

Andrew said...

Hahah! Good one Sharon.
I'm not sure how this reciprocity thing is working or whether its merely a one sided affair.

But anyway, Christ did say that we should love and serve our neighbours and 'enemies' =)

Prasanna Deepal Silva said...

Hi I'm Prasanna from Sri Lanka. Thought I should add a few words as a Sri Lankan as well as a Catholic. The thing missing in the world as well as in Sri Lanka is unity. I think this is quite a good example to what all the Catholics must do on the circumstances. I think it's not the time to figure out who's wrong and who's right. We should learn about other cultures and religions and try to cope up with them in order to maintain the harmony we badly need.
Prasanna Silva (

Andrew said...

Thank you for your comments, Prasanna. As a Catholic living in predominantly Muslim Malaysia and the predominantly Chinese Buddhist island of Penang, I understand what you mean. I will write to you personally on this.

Thank you.