Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Maxed out!

It was with horror that I found out that I had maxed out my space on blogspot. =(
All those photo heavy posts have finally come back to bite me.

I guess I should have read the Blogger fine print. =)

Oh well...

I'm now using my webshots account to upload the photos on this blog.
Hopefully that will last me a while.

It has a 1000 photo limit though...

Yikes. Any ideas on how to continue uploading high res photos?


catholicandgop said...

I use photobucket, I think you can change the setting to allow photos up to 1mb. I think photobucket has a limit too, but I haven't hit it yet.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll try to get myself an account.

I've just got the hang of the Webshots format. The pics of the Stations of the Cross I posted did not turn out earlier so I just managed to get it back online.