Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mark in Singapore

I'd like to highlight the blog and musings of a fellow dyed-in-the-wool Papist, Mark Cephas Tan, of Deus Caritas Est fame. Although sometimes, I would like to see Deus kick some est instead, Mark tempers some of my more fiery temperaments =)

Mark currently heads our altar servers guild and the Parish Liturgical Committee. Tough job, that one, if you've been reading some of the posts here =)

He recently went to Singapore and has posted some cool pics of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd and the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul.

Do look him up and say hi.


Mark Tan said...

hey... domus dei et porta caeli is true, but there was no Mass I was just visiting the parish in sts Peter n Paul, went for Mass two days b4 the trip in Good Shepherd Cathedral, with long pants of course... hehe... so the 'domus' rule does not apply... =)

n I get it, renovations seem not to make things new, in some places...

M@rK said...

hmm...are you kissing his feet there or just looking to see why he is wearing slippers....

Andrew said...

How unvery(I just made up a new word) Papist, Mark (the altar server).

No Mass means the Lord is not in and the building ceases to be His House?


Looks like Modernism is creeping in. That will be 100 genuflections for you for having unPapist(that's another one) tendencies.

M@rk, formerly of Tanjung Bunga, you're still listed as in Tanjung Bunga BTW. That's false advertising.

And your latest post. Yikes! I guess medical exams do make you go mad.

Well, when I've noting to post, perhaps I'll post some engineering terms next. =)