Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chapel at the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, high up in the Titwangsa range, was a favourite retreat spot for the British to escape the humid and hot colony they were administrating. In the early days of independence, government ministers also vacationed there. They go to Switzerland now. =)
Flowers being grown in a green house.

It’s cool up in the mountains so flowers and fruits like strawberries thrive there. It’s also the main centre for growing tea in Malaysia and is the home for the famous Boh tea. The rolling hills are covered with miles and miles of tea plantations.

Wherever there are people, the Catholic Church is also present. In this case, the Infant Jesus sisters have their school and convent there.
The facade of the Convent.

The parish house looks very secluded up in the hills.

The altar at the chapel. Looks like the mensa was just detached from the old high altar so Mass could be celebrated versus populum.

The statue of Mary above the altar.

Fr. Francis Xavier, my former parish priest, can be seen here celebrating the Mass.

The view from the doors.
The view from the altar. Its not a large chapel. But quite nicely done. Fr. Xavier can be seen here in prayer, preparing for the Mass.

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