Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Pope Calendar

I'm sure you guys have heard about His Holiness posing for a calendar in Italy. The proceeds from the sales will go to charity to fund a school in Rwanda.

Here's some excerpts from the calendar, via the BBC. All the captions are taken from the BBC site.

[Andrew: His Holiness Pope] Benedict was invited to feature on Italian magazine Famiglia Cristiana's 2007 charity wall calendar. Calendar images reprinted by permission of photographer Giancarlo Giuliani.

Mr Giuliani, a trusted papal photographer, was allowed to spend a day following the Pope at his summer residence.

This picture suggests a pontiff keeping in the background, says Vatican observer John Wilkins.

Benedict at prayer before the famous Polish icon of the Black Virgin of Czestochowa, a favourite of his predecessor [Andrew: His Holiness Pope] John Paul II. [of Blessed memory.]

The bookish pope's calendar is accompanied by quotations about love from his first papal encyclical.

And here we see the Mozart-lover at his piano, in one of the palace's humbler rooms.

Perhaps the most symbolic of all the pictures on the calendar: Benedict the reflective pope.
[Andrew: The reflective Pope, as in the reflection in the pool, get it? LOL!]

Proceeds from the sale of the calendar are going to Nazareth Town, an aid project for children in Mbare, Rwanda.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a very nice calendar. I have enjoyed the pictures of the Holy Father.
God bless

Andrew said...

Thank you. I would have loved to have gotten my hands on them but unfortunately they come free with an Italian publication, the Famiglia Christiana magazize and are not sold here.

Do drop by again.