Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Its great to be back

Hello and a good day to all of you. It's great to be back. I hope that you've had a great and prayerful Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I certainly did. Several things of interest also took place during my short sabbatical. For one, I'm glad to report that I finally finished my assignment. It was a very very hurried affair. I'm afraid that the final result wasn't quite satisfactory at all as my thoughts weren't that organized and the points I was trying to make were not reinforced with the customary numerous proof texts . Hopefully, my lecturer doesn't read this and lets it slide =)

My parish celebrated the Immaculate Conception, its titular Feast, on quite a grand scale with a candle lit procession around the Church grounds. Do drop me a link if you've posted pics of your own celebrations so I can check it out. I'm always interested to see how other parishes carried out their celebration to look for some inspiration for next year.

I also attended the blessing ceremony of the new Grotto of Our Lady at the Church where my former parish priest is currently serving. We then had Mass in front of the newly blessed Grotto.

Paid a visit to the mainland to get some CD's I bought which were held up at customs and attended the Thanksgiving Mass for the 40th Sacerdotal Ordination anniversary of Archbishop Emeritus Soter Frenandez of Kuala Lumpur as well.

Look for updates on these events here soon and thanks for visiting.

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