Friday, December 22, 2006

In poor taste? Hmmm...

A mud figure, of Pope Benedict XVI, known as 'caganer' (defecator in Catalan language) is sold at the Santa Llucia Christmas market, in central Barcelona December 20, 2006. Catalans create Christmas Nativity scenes using models and hide the figures, known as 'caganer' or defecator in Catalan, in them before inviting friends to find the figures. Catalans believe the 'caganer', by creating faeces, fertilises the earth and brings prosperity and luck for the coming year. REUTERS/Albert Gea (SPAIN)

This year's crop is generally politics-orientated, with likes of US President George W. Bush(C), Spanish Princess Letizia(L) and Pope Benedict XVI.(AFP/File/Raymond Roig )


Anonymous said...

disgusting, qite sickening

Anonymous said...

Took me a minute to realize exactly what this was... The only good thing I can say about it is that it does prove the Pope is as human as the rest of us.
Okay, the one of Pres. Bush clutching the world is rather interesting. In fact I've seen similar things in Japan, where they think breaking wind is an absolute riot. Sometimes it's good to be close-minded.

The Crescat said...

Yikes. I bet this wins the "some one's going to hell for that" category.

eulogos said...

I can only guess that the culture which produced these has a different sensibility about bodily functions than do we Americans.

See, in the explaination, "The defecator or caganer, by creating feces, fertilises the earth and brings prosperity and luck for the coming year. "

They see feces and think ferilizer, good harvest, good eating, general prosperity and good luck. We see feces and we think yuk disgusting smelly full of germs flush it away and don't mention it.

Different cultural attitude, probably not going to hell for that. IMO

Susan Peterson (aka eulogos)

Unknown said...

I suppose this statue is a rejoinder to the question of whether a bear is Catholic.