Sunday, December 03, 2006

Duel of the Fishermen

It was a beautiful and idyllic morning, the sun was just rising over the horizon, casting a warm glow over the Straits of Penang.
Suddenly I see 2 fishermen, lets call them Peter and Andrew. Andrew was quietly minding his business fishing as he always does.
Peter ominously approaches in his boat. Their eyes lock and piecing glances are exchanged.
The duel begins for this patch of sea. The furious and intense fighting soon subsides as Peter rows away defeated.

Andrew, victorious, continues plying his craft as he always has as rising sun illuminates the sea casting a long shadow over his defeated enemy.


I stopped by the coastal highway for breakfast. Managed to snap these interesting shots. The light was ideal. I pass along this way every day on my way to the office, speeding at 80KM per hour. Sometimes though, it does pay off to just stop and smell the sea breeze.

There's a small fishing village and jetty where these small scale fishermen dock their catch.
Penang is a curious mix of modernity and old world charm, where fishermen in little wooden fishing boats go about their business in the shadow of one of the most modern and imposing bridges in the world.
The Penang Bridge, the third longest in the world at 13.5KM when it was built in 1981 can be seen in the background.

Here's an interesting building. Resembling the Petronas Twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, its actually an upscale condo called The View. Check out the penthouse.


DrMatthewDoyle said...

Wonderful pics! Were those fisherman really fighting! That must have been funny. I think Peter should have won because his Patron Saint is, how shall we say, "harder" and more authoritative (don't listen to those orthodox over at Constantinople!)

Andrew said...

Technically you're right. Peter should have won. His patron saint was the Vicar of Christ and Supreme Pontiff and all that. But hey, you might have forgotten my name =)

So in these here parts, with all due respect to Peter, Andrew rulez!! =))